Tyler Thornock - Character TD
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Tyler Thornock
Lead Character TD

April. 17, 2016

Work Experience
Naughty Dog  
Lead Character TD
January 2011 - Present

- Setup in-game and cinematic characters, including dynamics, cloth, blendshapes, weighting, support joints, and facial setups. High visual quality is a strong focus. 
- Created several tools to improve and speed up skinning workflows, automated rigging, working with mocap data, creating lightweight anim rigs.
- Pipeline, maya plugin, and tool creation, worked closely with riggers, animators, modelers and programmers to achieve workflow and quality goals.
- Automatic lod generation and joint reduction built into pipeline and performed when asset is built for the game.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for PS4
The Last of Us for PS3
Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception for PS3

Dante's Redemption Short Film  
Character TD
- Rigged and skinned several characters and creatures with many secondary controls.
- Created auto-rigging tool for biped and quadruped. Also setup transferable face rig and complex curve based controls.
Lucas Arts  
Character TD
March 2010 - November 2010

- Focused on multi-project and cross studio pipeline development of animation and rigging tools and various workflows.
- Created several tools using Python, Maya API, and PyQt.
- Developed skinning tools to allow quick iteration and polishing.
- Helped streamline and standardize the class and character creation process to minimize the time and effort needed for similar setups.
- Initial development and refactoring of facial tech. and engine driven support joints.

Star Wars 1313 for PS3/XBox360
The Force Unleashed 2 DLC for PS3/XBox360

Nihilistic Software  
Lead Character TD
March 2006 – March 2010

- Supervised and setup character and creature rigs.
- Setup in-game and cinematic facial setups, including blendshapes.
- Setup ragdoll and dynamics using Havok.
- Created and maintained a large array of tools for animation, rigging, and exporting designed to speed up and unify various parts of the pipeline, using MEL and Python.
- Helped manage the export of cinematic and game objects, including characters, props and equipment.
- Integrating motion capture into the pipeline using MotionBuilder and Maya.

Conan for PS3/XBox360
Playstation Move Heroes for PS3
Zombie Apocalypse for PSN/XBox Live
Resistance: Burning Skies for PSVita
Rachet and Clank for PS3 Home
God of War for PS3 Home

BlueFish FX  
Character TD
November 2008

- Responsible for creating several character/zombie rigs under a tight deadline.
- Created character setup tools to keep rigs consistent and friendly.

Metallica music video "All Nightmare Long"

Mel and Python
Maya API
C++ Plugins
PyQt UIs

Adobe Photoshop

Full Sail Real World Education
Winter Park, Florida
Associate of Science in Computer Animation
February 2006