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Here you will find some maya scripts and pluginsI have done. Sadly, many of these are older for NDA reasons, but hopefully you find the ones here useful.

New Stuff:

Extremely handy plug-in for any tool that bakes or scrubs animation. It can speed up scrubbing even in simple scenes by 10x. Maya does offer methods like cmds.refresh(suspend=True) to disable the viewport, but it doesn't work during undo and still seems to process more then is needed for scrubbing.

This script works by simply disabling the managed state of the main view pane and any torn off panels. Tested with maya 2011 and 2013.

TT_AutoSmooth Although an older Mel script, it is an extremely useful skinning tool for smoothing weights. Allows user to smooth without picking influences, it simply smooths each vertex based on skinning of nearby vertices providing more reliable and predictable results then maya's existing smooth.
Older Stuff:  
TT_Poser v.1 - Screenshot

A user friendly and easy to navigate interface for managing pose, selection, and import presets. Stored poses and selections can be recalled on any character within a naming prefix (ie namespace).

TT_SkinPaint - Screenshot Basic helper add-in UI for painting skin weights. Adds influence list filtering, lock/unlock all influences, and selection of affected verts for an influence. Tested with maya 7, 8.5, and 2008.
TJT_PickWalk v.1 Used to create your own pickwalking hierarchy. Automatically updates your hotkeys.

Contains a save/load feature for storing your pickwalk settings so they can be restored later, or on to other characters with the same/similiar named controls. Custom pickwalk settings can easily be removed as well.

TJT_RenameObjects v.1 A renaming scripts used for various types of renaming you may need, including, find and replace, prefix/suffix adding or remove, and incremental.